General / 19 April 2021

More cats? More cats.

General / 12 March 2021


kitty cat

General / 30 January 2021

Happy Holidays!

General / 23 December 2020

tiger sketch

General / 19 December 2020

just a slightly confused fox

General / 13 December 2020

Piebald Pegasus - colour sketch

General / 02 January 2020

Artillery festival in St. Petersburg

General / 29 May 2019

Hey Guys,

I'm happy to announce that I'll be one of the speakers at this years Artillery event organised by https://www.artstation.com/grafit 

The festival takes place from the 31st of August till the 1st of September in St. Petersburg, Russia. If that sounds like something you might be interested in,  you’ll find more info here –> https://www.artillery-event.com/copy-of-artillery-4-domoj-1

Cheers! :D


some nonsense

General / 26 May 2019

IFCC discount coupon codes!

News / 26 May 2019

Hey Everyone,

Since this year's  IFCC is getting close here is a 50 Euros discount coupon code, for anybody who might be still considering going: